Facebook Offline Conversions

Facebook Offline Conversions: The COMPLETE Guide

Published: August 3, 2019
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Facebook Offline Conversions: The COMPLETE Guide

Facebook Offline Conversions allows you to measure the complete impact of your Facebook ads beyond online actions.

Exec. Summary:

If your business converts its sales on the phone or face-to-face, then Facebook Offline Conversions is key for you.


  • Who should use Facebook Offline Conversions?

  • What are the benefits of Facebook Offline Conversions?

  • A complete step-by-step break down

Facebook Offline Conversions

Who Should Use Facebook Offline Conversions?

Facebook offline conversions is an advanced platform capability that isn’t for everyone.

If you are an e-comm business, then this is not for you. In other words. If you are selling your products or services online then Facebook offline conversions might not be a solution for you.

When you sell online with Facebook, their pixel can already read your sales, and you can see all the data in Facebook ads manager.

However, if your transaction happens offline then Facebook’s pixel does not have visibility to this information and it cannot optimize for a sale nor report when one happens.

Facebook Offline Conversions work best with business who are driving leads and converting prospects offline whether that is over the phone or at a physical location.

  • Car Dealership (Leads for a test drive)

  • Health Care (Leads for a policy)

  • Luxury Retail (High-end purchases happen in-store)

3 Key Benefits for Using Facebook Offline Conversions:

  1. Measurement

    Facebook allows you to pipe in offline data using a CVS file of customers who purchased (template below).

    Upload Frequency: once a week (or at least once every 28 days)

    This data will be uploaded on Facebook’s ads manager (under offline data), and in the video attached to this post I breakdown the full process.

    Once the info is processed you can visit your ads manager and see which campaigns, and even which audience segments converted in sales.

    This takes me two my second point.

  1. Optimization 

    You can optimize your campaign and lean your social ads budget towards what is driving the best ROI.

    Let’s consider this example:

    You see that 3 out of the 6 markets in your campaign aren’t delivery any sales. Now that you have the visibility with offline conversions, you decide to shift you budget around.

    Maybe you reduce that investment in the none converting cities/regions and reallocate that to the top markets.

    As we know, the reason digital marketing rocks is because we are able to measure what is working so that we can optimize our investment.

    Bu that isn’t all we can do with Facebook’s offline conversions tool.

  1. Audience Creation 

    Now, the 3rd benefit from using Facebook Offline Conversions, is that once you have that audience data piped into Facebook then you can create a retargeting pool.

    We know for a fact that prospects do not always convert on the first visit or call. Which is why retargeting is so important for you, and it can also get a previous customers to shop again. Additionally, you are able to build a lookalike audience from this data to find more users like the ones who purchased!

So now that you have an idea of who should be using this, and the benefits, watch the video to see the full process of setting up offline conversions in Facebook Ads manager.

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